• Jon Leonetti

The Most Overlooked Fact About Saint Paul

Updated: May 9, 2018

St. Paul is one of the most well-known Christians in history, and probably the greatest evangelist who ever lived.

But while we still talk about his adventures and preach through his letters, many have forgotten something critical to his life.

St. Paul had a day job. He was a tentmaker.

We don't tend to remember that part, of course; we remember the preaching, and the teaching, and the miracles, pretty much everything but the day job. 

Those letters we read on Sunday to Colossae or Corinth or Rome, he had to write those in his spare time, because there was always somebody at the door asking, "So, how 'bout that tent you said I'd have last Tuesday?"

In other words, St. Paul didn't have to break free from his regular routine to find time to preach the gospel. What he did is exactly what you and I can do--what we must do--if we're to be faithful to our vocation.

And if he could do it with canvas and wooden poles, we can surely do it with computers and cars and smartphones and cubicles. We can make room for the gospel, not just on Sunday mornings, but every day of the week.

Today, let's make room for God.


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