• Jon Leonetti

Advancing In Prayer

If you're like me, you enjoy getting the newest app on your phone. It's fun, it's new, and we convince ourselves that it can add a lot of value to our lives.

But after awhile, the same thing always happens. We rarely look at the app again, going back to the same three or four that we enjoy.

It can be the same way in our prayer, too. We seek many ways to pray, changing the time or style overnight. The problem with this is we become perpetual beginners, struggling to advance.

But there is that one way of prayer that you enjoy the most. And the one time of day (or night) you're at your best.

If you've found that way and that time, you know how to advance. What it takes now is discipline and commitment.

Just as the flower grows, slow and steady, so too will your soul.


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